Artisan Footwear, Handcrafted in USA

Classic go-to styles from jim barnier

For more than 30 years, Iconic LA based designer jim barnier has created a cult following with distinctive footwear; the brand consistently pinpoints the reflection of the times and the individual's sense of style.

Women want to feel something specific when they try things on; we feel fortunate many wonderful and creative women have found a sense of gratification and a feeling of self confidence through our point of view.

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Handcrafted in America

We are grateful to live and work in California, and are influenced by it's unique aesthetic, from the elegant glamour of Hollywood to the rugged beauty of the coast, mountains and desert - a great source of inspiration for translating our customers' lifestyles to products that are such a natural part of their environment.

Today the jim barnier brand follows the same standards of quality and workmanship that only handcrafted methods can provide. One can see the care in each pair from our collection and the uniqueness that comes from being handcrafted in America.

Enjoy our labor of love.

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